Kurt Nimmo
March 15, 2009

On March 4, 2009, Michael “Savage” Weiner claimed to expose the dictatorial machinations of the Obama administration on his nationally syndicated radio show. “Right now what we have is a dictatorship run by a gang,” Weiner declared. “It’s a gang under Obama.”

In the eight minute audio clip here, Weiner provides us with a rambling dissertation on Obama, presumed gang leader Rahm Emanuel, and the Democrats, allegedly a group of devious people Weiner has previously described as Nazis or Nazi-like.

Indeed, the Obama movement demonstrates classic fascist tendencies, although these are not Nazi or Nazi-like, as Weiner has claimed. It is difficult to believe the highly intelligent Weiner is incapable of telling the difference.

Weiner’s repeated references to the Nazis are designed to conjure up imagery deeply embedded in our cultural landscape and place it within a contrived and polarized false right-left context. It is no mistake Weiner attributes Nazism to the so-called left side of this paradigm while essentially ignoring the fascistic attributes apparent on the other side of the political spectrum (in order to balance this, he claims to have staunchly opposed the Bush administration, although this opposition was primarily in regard to the contrived “war on terror” and Weiner’s incessant claim the neocons did not go far enough in their effort to confront a non-existent “Islamofascism,” that is to say kill large numbers of Muslims and Arabs).

In fact, there is little difference between (for lack of better terminology) the neocon and neolib factions, although the political establishment and the corporate media have a vested interest in magnifying minor differences and turning these into major ideological divisions (e.g., the partisan politics between Republicans and Democrats concentrating primarily on social issues that do not threaten the larger political arrangement concocted by the ruling elite).

At 28 seconds into the audio here, Michael Weiner predicts a “Reichstag fire-like event” in the United States “that will have been conducted by the government and blamed upon subversive elements in order to permit a naked dictatorship to emerge in this country.”

[efoods]For Weiner, this event is now possible under the rule of Democrats and the putative Obama Nazis, never mind over the last eight years the Bush administration set the stage for a “Reichstag fire-like event” leading to a full-blown dictatorship, primarily through a series of presidential signing statements and contorted legal arguments designed to nullify large portions of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Bush’s incremental abrogation of the Constitution was not an aberration — it was part of an orchestrated plan to decimate the rights of the American people and erect the foundation for a dictatorship that will come under the make-believe rule of Barack Obama, who is indeed a front man, although Weiner disputes this in order to portray Obama as Hitler-like.

Michael Weiner is a skilled disinformation operative. It is his task to demonize the Obama administration as a crypto-Marxist revolutionary force (Marxism and Nazism are interchangeable for Weiner) that has captured the government and will usher in a brutal dictatorship. In doing so, Weiner steers his listeners away from the real source of power at the helm of government — the international banking elite and their servants in the Council on Foreign Relations, the Trilateral Commission, and the Bilderberg Group. Weiner’s task is to deflect blame for this coming dictatorship on the left side of the counterfeit right-left political spectrum.

In his diatribe, Weiner does not name the “subversive elements” to be blamed for the false flag operation he predicts (actually he has hijacked this prediction from Alex Jones and others). It will not be the Democrats, Republicans or Rush Limbaugh (mentioned as a thorn in Obama’s side) who will feel the blunt force blow delivered in response to this “Reichstag fire-like event” — it will be those standing in opposition to the real tyrants on Wall Street and the European centers of banking. The FEMA camps are not for the likes of Michael “Savage” Weiner and his bamboozled listeners because they do not pose a threat to the establishment.

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