Meme maker Carpe Donktum and President Trump are being sued by the parents of the toddlers featured in the viral meme video made by Donktum which criticized CNN’s role in race relations in the United States.

Donktum was kicked off Twitter permanently after President Trump shared the video of a mock CNN news report falsely claiming a ‘racist’ white toddler was chasing a black toddler down the road when in fact the footage shows the two toddlers getting along beforehand.

The video was later censored by Twitter over a “copyright claim” despite the ‘fair use’ doctrine of US copyright law:

Now lawyers representing the parents are suing both Trump and Donktum, claiming it was shared as “advertisement and political propaganda” without permission or parental consent.

According to Zero Hedge:

Lawyer Ven Johnson – one of the lawyers representing the parents (who’s contributed tens of thousands of dollars to Democrats) – says that “The fact that Twitter and Facebook disabled this fake video within 24 hours of President Trump and his campaign tweeting it, coupled with Twitter permanently banning Cook (Carpe Donktum), is very strong evidence that a jury will likely find that all of these people broke the law by using this video as advertisement and political propaganda.”

But, given the Streisand Effect, it’s likely that the suit will actually embolden meme makers to criticize CNN even further instead of scaring them from doing so.

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