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Sunday, August 15, 2010

While serious Clinton and Gore sex scandals are belittled, sidelined, and ignored, Rand Paul is crucified for jokingly suggesting his college friend worship the Aqua Buddha

Even after the anonymous woman whose words the corporate media twisted to slanderously claim Rand Paul kidnapped and forced drugged her recanted and admitted that she was not kidnapped, she was not force drugged, and that “the whole thing has been blown out of proportion” and was actually a harmless college prank, the establishment is still using the manufactured hoax in an effort to discredit Paul, a display of enthusiasm that was noticeably lacking when the far more serious rape scandals surrounding President Bill Clinton and more recently Al Gore came to light.

Despite the shocking allegations recently made against Al Gore, that he tried to sexually molest masseuse Molly Hagerty in a predatory fashion, the popular Drudge Report website was the only big hitter to adequately cover the story. Most mainstream media outlets either ignored it completely or defended Gore, even after police re-opened the investigation.

Indeed, Rand Paul’s apparently abhorrent behavior of jokingly asking a college friend to worship the Aqua Buddha has rumbled on as a prominent story for longer than Gore’s alleged behavior in an expensive hotel room, where he supposedly “groped, kissed, and pinned the woman down on a bed like a “crazed sex poodle.”

The fact that Gore announced his divorce from wife Tipper shortly before the allegations re-surfaced only lends credence to their accuracy, but the establishment media wasn’t interested and the controversy was largely confined to the tabloid papers.

Top establishment liberal news outlets like as well as the Washington Postdefended Gore while deriding his alleged victim. MSNBC host Joe Scarborough, who has constantly featured guests on his show solely for the purpose of attacking Rand Paul, said it was “unfair” to even discuss the Al Gore rape story.

“The media outlets that bothered to report on the story have hardly reported the story. With one dubious exception, I couldn’t find a single source that did what any reporter with the most basic questions about the charges should have done: interview an expert on sexual violence who might be able to provide context and comment on the likely credibility of the story,” wrote Jaclyn Friedman, the Executive Director of Women, Action & the Media. “Instead, they trotted out excuses in Gore’s defense, often going the way of The Atlantic’s Marc Ambinder, who, in musing about whether the mainstream media would pick up the story, treated it as a choice between defending Gore’s integrity or indulging in a base appetite for celebrity scandal, as if there wasn’t a possibility that a real 54-year-old woman had suffered a violent assault.”

The rape story was accompanied by other tales of Gore’s alleged sexual indiscretions, including“rumours of further extra-marital liaisons and wild parties at Gore’s San Francisco bachelor pad, with bikini-clad girls cavorting in his hot-tub,” but the establishment media in the United States barely uttered a word. Imagine if Rand Paul had even been rumored to have engaged in similar behavior, what would the response have been?



The establishment reacted similarly back in 1998, when Juanita Broaddrick alleged that then President Bill Clinton had raped her two decades earlier. Despite the fact that the majority of Americans believed the allegations to be true, 54 per cent versus 23 per cent who thought they were false, and despite Clinton settling the case with a whopping $850,000 settlement, “A lot of money from someone who claims he did nothing wrong,” as Larry Elder wrote, the corporate media again defended Clinton and downplayed the seriousness of the allegations.

Again, the details of the allegations made by Broaddrick against Clinton were infinitely more shocking and disturbing than Rand Paul’s college tomfoolery. Broaddrick claimed that Clinton forced her down on the bed in a hotel room, tore away her underwear and began aggressively raping her while biting her lips as she begged him to stop.

Feminist icon and liberal establishment mouthpiece Gloria Steinem also sprang to Clinton’s defense in a separate sexual harassment allegation against Clinton, absolving Clinton for allegedly forcing Kathleen Willey to place her hand on his genitalia. “Steinem suggested that women should be of sterner stuff and that Willey’s description, if true, is small potatoes. After all, said Steinem, when Willey said, “Stop,” Clinton stopped. No harm, no foul.”

Despite the fact that Clinton publicly lied to the American people during the Monica Lewinsky scandal when he said, “I did not have sexual relations with that woman,” the numerous other women who alleged affairs or who claimed they had been raped or molested by Clintonwere all dismissed as liars by the corporate media, just as Lewinsky was branded deceitful before she produced the semen-stained dress that proved her story to be true, and just as Gennifer Flowers was also savaged by the establishment before Clinton, during the Paula Jones deposition, was forced to admit the he did indeed have sex with Flowers.

While in the case of the Rand Paul, the corporate media took a non-story, overhyped it, and then manufactured an outright hoax by claiming that Paul had forcibly kidnapped a woman and drugged her, and still persisted with claiming the issue was of any importance even after the woman herself dismissed the claims, in the case of Clinton and Gore, the establishment did everything it could to belittle, downplay, and ignore what were obviously far more serious and factually grounded allegations.

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The establishment has crucified Rand Paul for his tangential involvement in a harmless and consensual college prank for two weeks because, unlike alleged rapists Clinton and Gore, who they defended to the hilt, Rand Paul represents a serious threat to the status quo and has become the de facto voice of the Tea Party – that’s why Washington elitists and their liberal media sycophants will continue to invent hoaxes, overhype non-events from 30 years ago, and slander Rand Paul ceaselessly in a desperate effort to eviscerate the massive support he enjoys in Kentucky that is set to help him secure a place in the Senate and become a true representative of the American people.

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