Kurt Nimmo
January 19, 2012

Republican officials in Iowa today said that there was no clear winner in the caucus held there on January 3. Party officials said results from eight of the 1,774 precincts were missing when they conducted the vote certification process, meaning they likely will never know what the final tallies were for the candidates.

Despite the ambiguity, Rick Santorum was quick to declare a “virtual tie” in the race and the establishment media obliged him on the claim while ignoring how the change effected Ron Paul’s standing.

Rick Santorum claims he is in a “virtual tie” with declared winner Mitt Romney.

According to the Iowa Caucus website, the certified results of 1,766 precincts made public Thursday show Santorum with 29,839 votes, followed by Romney with 29,805, Ron Paul in third with 26,036, and Newt Gingrich with 16,163, Rick Perry with 12,557, Michele Bachmann with 6,046 and Jon Huntsman with 739. Party officials said 121,503 votes were certified.

The admission of voting irregularities and uncounted votes in the state adds more weight to the argument that the race was fixed in order to discount Ron Paul and push him to the periphery in a concerted effort to minimize his popularity among voters and upstage the handpicked establishment candidates.

On January 4, we reported on the Republican establishment’s decision to conduct the vote count in secret after vague threats issued by the shadowy Anonymous hacker group and protests planned by Occupy the Iowa Caucus.

“Also abusing suddenly lax ID registration may have created many fake votes for neocons Santorum and Romney,” Brad Funkhouser wrote.

In addition to ID problems, the Clinton County Republican Women’s Club reported mysterious “computer glitches” during the vote.

“This is the biggest fraud since Kennedy stole the West Virginia Primary,” Funkhouser said.

If, as Santorum claims, he is virtually tied with Romney in Iowa, that would mean Ron Paul came in second, not third. The establishment media has neglected to report this fact. Instead, it has ignored Paul and continued its campaign to portray Romney and Santorum as the only viable candidates wrestling to gain the nomination.

Moreover, a reshuffling of the vote will change the dynamics on delegates as the front-runners head into the Republican national convention in Tampa, Florida during the week of August 27, 2012.

The new spin on the Iowa caucus reveals the obvious fact that establishment controlled caucuses, primaries and elections are highly manipulated and stage managed affairs. Only candidates handpicked by the ruling elite will be allowed to contend for the office of president, a job that has been reduced largely to an acting and script-reading position.

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