The media is censoring cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad in its reporting of last night’s attempted terror attack on a free speech event in Garland, Texas, during which two suspected jihadists were shot dead.

The attack occurred during an art contest at the Curtis Culwell Center organized by the American Freedom Defense Initiative at which a $10,000 prize was offered for the best depiction of the Prophet Muhammad. The two suspects, who also reportedly had explosives, opened fire outside the building and shot a security guard in the ankle before being gunned down by police. ISIS subsequently claimed responsibility for the attack.

However, instead of standing firm for free speech in the face of extremism and defending western democratic values, the Daily Mail responded by censoring images of the Prophet Muhammad in photos taken at the event.

At least two photos carried on the newspaper’s website blacked out the Muhammad artwork. One of the images was later removed from the website completely.

“This is the problem with the West today. This is why the West is in such serious trouble,” writes Robert Spencer. “This is the cowardice and pusillanimity that rule the day. The Daily Mail is generally clueless, but this is much, much worse than that. This only shows the jihadis that violent intimidation works. Threats and murder work. To kowtow to that is the opposite of journalism and what journalism is supposed to be. If there were still a substantial number of free people in Britain, this would be the end of the Daily Mail. It would be losing readers by the thousands. But it won’t be.”

Spencer also points out that the newspaper called the Garland event an “anti-Islam art contest,” when in fact it was a pro-free speech occasion.

Following January’s terror attack on the offices of Charlie Hebdo in Paris, numerous media outlets also censored images of the Prophet Muhammad, including the New York Daily News, the Telegraph, CNN, NBC, MSNBC, and The New York Times.

By censoring the images, the media is sending the message that violence and intimidation works and that the fundamental principles which underpin western civilization are less important than ensuring Muslims aren’t offended.

One wonders how the press would behave if two members of the Westboro Baptist church shot up a ‘Jesus cartoon’ event. Would those images also be censored?

Meanwhile, President Obama is already coming under fire for failing to comment on the terror attack a full 12 hours after it occurred.

It will be interesting to discover the identity of the attackers and where they came from given that Infowars, Judicial Watch and others have been warning of an ISIS attack on Texas for months, with mounting intelligence that ISIS jihadists are operating out of training bases in Mexico.

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