The mainstream media attempted to dismiss questions over Hillary Clinton’s health after her latest round of coughing fits by claiming that pollen counts in the area were high, when in reality they were low.

Hillary suffered a coughing fit that lasted for over four minutes during her speech yesterday, prompting a fresh round of speculation about her ailing health.

The presidential candidate then had yet another coughing fit while on her plane with journalists, which conveniently meant that she didn’t have to answer any questions.

MSNBC regurgitated claims by Hillary’s campaign aides that, “Allergens were high in Northeast Ohio on Monday,” before asserting that there is “no evidence to indicate she is unwell.”

This was a complete fabrication.

As numerous websites that track daily allergen levels confirmed, grass pollen was low, tree pollen was low and ragweed pollen was moderate. Allergens were not “high,” as Hillary’s campaign and MSNBC claimed.

Prevaricating over pollen counts was also a convenient way of avoiding the fact that Hillary has had the exact same coughing fits on innumerable other occasions over the past year.

Were high pollen counts to blame on every other occasion too?

This is another example of blatant media bias being deployed to silence questions about Hillary’s health.

After first insisting that such questions were “sexist,” despite the exact same media obsessing over John McCain’s health in 2008, and then resorting to invoking the tired “conspiracy theory” trope, the Clinton mouthpiece press is now inventing high pollen counts to try and explain away Hillary’s obvious health problems.


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