A Texas police officer who drew his gun on unarmed teenagers while responding to a disturbance at a pool and threw a bikini-clad teen girl to the ground has been placed on administrative leave, officials said Sunday.

The incident occurred Friday night in McKinney, Texas, about 30 miles north of Dallas, when police were called to a private community pool where a large crowd had gathered.

In a video taken by a teenage bystander and posted to YouTube, the white officer, later identified by local media as Eric Casebolt, can be seen shouting obscenities and ordering some black teens to lie on the ground while telling others to disperse. Casebolt is then seen grabbing the back of the girl’s head, throwing her to the ground and pushing her face down, then pulling his gun on a pair of black teenagers who appeared to be coming to her aid.

“This video has raised concerns that are being investigated,” the McKinney Police Department said in a statement.

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