McDonald’s is admittedly losing money fast each and every month as consumers reject their GMO-laden ‘food’ products. In an effort to become ‘more hip’ to the emerging trends in the marketplace, McDonald’s is ‘going natural’ — but watch as they assault a reporter after he asks what’s in their McNuggets. reporter Anthony Gucciardi dared to ask McDonald’s employees what ingredients were in their McNuggets and was shoved out on the street by security as a result.

As it turns out, many customers must be completely in the dark when it comes to what they’re really putting in their mouth. As Anthony asked the cashier what he was about to purchase at a base ingredient level, she looked stunned. Security quite immediately followed as the manager of the fast food juggernaut summoned a total of seven Austin police officers to remove him from the premises.

McDonald’s behavior is unsurprising given the company’s plummeting popularity among American youth.

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