I’m not sure what’s more egregious.

1. Stuffing your newborn child into a Vox onesie shortly after he takes his first breath. Or, 2. Admitting that watching your wife go through the pregnancy of your first child has solidified your belief that abortion is OK and should be hassle- and judgment-free.

Apparently Vox executive editor Matthew Yglesias is unaware that his newborn son will one day read.

In a new first-person explainer out this week, Yglesias spells out the trials of being a new father and the surprising beliefs that the whole experience brought with it.

Imagine when José gets a hold of that piece — “Uh … what? My birth made my dad support abortions even more?”

This section in particular is hard to understand. (But please remember that this is the same reporter who wrote about why eating lunch outside sucks. Aside from getting dirt on his rump if he sits in grass, he wrote that relieving himself outside is not easy. Technically speaking, it’s a lot easier for him to relieve himself outdoors than it would be for me.)

Screen Shot 2015-03-26 at 12.53.57 PM

Translation: After having a baby, I can understand why people would think abortion is terrible. That’s why I’m even more pro-abortion now.

Full article here

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