Mark Cuban explained Monday how he believes Donald Trump would be a “puppet president” during an interview with CNN’s Chris Cuomo.

The brash billionaire and business mogul said Trump has proven over his run that he has no grasp of policy. And without that understanding, he’ll have to rely on those around him to get anything done.

“If you look back over the past 10 months, you don’t say, ‘Look, he’s really started to show an in-depth grasp of all the issues that he’s talking about,'” Cuban said. “It’s the exact opposite.”

“He speaks in headlines,” he continued. “He tries to make headlines without doing any type of deep policy dives. If you don’t understand the issues, if you don’t have in-depth knowledge of your policies and the reasons why they may or may not work, then you’re going to have to listen to other people.”

The owner of the NBA’s Dallas Mavericks and star of ABC’s “Shark Tank” also said Trump, the presumptive Republican nominee, would “have to be guided by others in everything” should he be elected in the fall.

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