The Marine Corps has punished two California-based Marines for derogatory remarks that they expressed on social media about a female Marine and service leadership, and law enforcement agents have uncovered at least 56 people suspected of involvement in a nude-photo sharing scandal, military officials said Friday.

The punished Marines were both reduced one rank Wednesday in a non-judicial sentence that also included 45 days of extra punitive duties for their remarks posted on the Facebook page “United States Grunt Corps,” said Lt. Col Warren Cook, the commander of 2nd Battalion, 4th Marine Regiment at Camp Pendleton, Calif., the unit to which the Marines are assigned.

It marks the first time active-duty Marines have faced discipline for inappropriate actions on social media and comes in the wake of the photo-sharing scandal uncovered in February that Marine leaders have said indicated the service had a cultural problem.

Cook said the two Marines he punished failed to maintain “the good order and discipline of the unit.”

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