In a victory speech Sunday evening, Front National anti-mass migration candidate Marine Le Pen called on patriots in France to support her against Emmanuel Macron, who she called the heir of unpopular French President Francois Hollande.

Ms Le Pen, who exit polls show finished second in the first round of the French presidential election, told a large crowd gathered in the north of France that the battle was now between supporters of globalism and those against.

Calling the first round projected result, which will see her face off against Emmanuel Macron, “historic” she thanked her supporters for bringing her to the second round which is set to take place on May 7th.

Le Pen outlined her main priority as president as to “defend the French nation” emphasising her previous campaign rhetoric which focused on restoring order to a country plagued by Islamic extremist terrorism and riots in various Paris suburbs.

The Front National leader hit out against the French political and media establishment, saying that the system had attempted to “choke political debate”. Her victory ensured that the debate could now happen, she said.

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