Jurriaan Maessen
August 13, 2010

They (the Gods) all want me to give them something to drink. They have worked well for me. They have helped me. Now they are all hot. They’re thirsty. They want to drink. They want to drink blood. Then I drink blood. I swallow it. I give it to them. And that quiets them. That calms them. That refreshes them...”

From La Psychologie religieuse des Achumawi: Description of an ancient sacrificial rite performed by an Achomawi-shaman.


In their June, 2010 magazine-issue, the Dutch Central Bank portrayed mass-murderer Mao Zedong arrogantly on the cover. By blatantly depicting the mass-murderer’s face the Bankers not only dance on the graves of the dictator’s victims, they’re dancing on the graves of their own victims- asMao was directly put in power by the global bankers. Besides being directly responsible for the murder of at least 20 million people, Mao was also in the habit of kidnapping, raping en murdering young women for his royal pleasure. These historical facts have not deterred the Dutch Central Bank.

This is just one example of the unbridled hubris with which the banks throw their blood-lust in your face. But the blood-lust is more than lust. It’s a belief-system, a cult, that has infiltrated politics, economics, military and, last but not least, science.

Diamond at the Core

They say that science smothered mysticism with a rag drenched in arsenic. They were wrong. They were negligent. The truth is, mysticism has finally found its natural expression in the language of science.

Besides communicating in the usual symbolic imagery, designed to influence emotion, its new voice has learned to speak in formulas, equitations and diagrams, appealing to the intellect as well.

In sketching out the contours of the scientific dictatorship, obviously no one example will suffice. One may casually use the analogy of a great tree-trunk, out of which countless branches grow. Perhaps the symbol of a three-headed snake approaches the subject more accurately. But there is no need to besmear the symbol for the sake of the analogy. So, without further insulting the noble tree and magnificent snake, let’s grab a magnifying glass and climb upon the dragon to find what we may under its scales.

Take this one for example: Human Impact (I) on the environment equals the product of population (P), affluence (A: consumption per capita) and technology (T: environmental impact per unit of consumption).

  • A d v e r t i s e m e n t
  • {openx:49}

Perfect logic, you would think. So was the eugenic formula of the Nazi’s, who were in the business of carefully measuring the distance from the nose to lower forehead, on the bases of which the decision was made who to sterilize or put to death. These are cleverly devised formulas of death, as calculated into existence by small groups of elites with the specific purpose of building a foundation for future mass-killings. The black diamond shimmering at the core of its religion is death, and all action is polished in such a shape, as to convince the smartest minds to join in. But the formula presented here is more than just some cynical ruse to convert the finest minds in science. It represents a belief-system that formulas inherently carry power, as do symbols and words. This power is then transferred from them to those they seek to subdue. A strange plot, and an ingenious one at that, seamlessly following the rules of mass conditioning, and injected by the thinnest of needles.

There is one golden rule, of course, that makes all the difference and guarantees that the mapmakers of the scientific dictatorship maintain the upper hand. They must, in short, be smarter than those on the receiving end of the transfer. Otherwise the whole endeavour would be as impossible as a plumber advising a brain-surgeon where exactly in the frontal lobe to operate. Also for the trick to have effect, they must be in control of certain key-points in the overall infrastructure, not necessarily all points. If we are to understand anything, if we even wish to, we must trace their footprints and enter the labyrinth with the strongest fishing-ropes tight around our waists. It is easy to get lost here, after all, especially considering the thick fog that envelops it. But with an ounce of diligence and a gram of courage we will learn that their countless disguises are as manifold as those ceremonial masks from sub-Saharan Africa.

Tricks and Devices

“Read their documents!”, Jones states at the end. And so it is. Everything there is to understand comes more or less free of charge. A simple library-card and access to the internet are all one needs when climbing down into the pit. The costs saved however, are equalled by the time and effort invested. It requires continuous study, intense inspection of government-documents to gain some understanding of the tricks and devices with which the scientific dictatorship holds free humanity in its grip. And you won’t emerge smiling from the pit, if you emerge at all. As everyone knows who has studied the matter for more than a day, the publications issued by the big foundations are cluttered with ominous sub-paragraphs that will make you wring your hands. One moment you’re glancing over some technical paper by the RAND-corporation, the next you you realize you’ve been reading the gospel according to Satan. The most dehumanizing suggestions are being presented almost casually, in a matter-of-fact manner, making the average person shrug his shoulder and move on. It takes a sharpened eye to detect the grave atrocities that lay buried buried under scientific explanations, diagrams and other comforting systems that leave us confounded in suspended disbelief. Study long and intense enough, and you’ll come to understand the common denominator.

Blood Offerings

If there is one constant in human history, it’s the practice of ritual sacrifice. Priests of power within any system, be it tribal or otherwise, have been in the habit of “satisfying the gods” with some kind of offering placed humbly at the deity’s feet. Without plunging into an endless anthropological exposé, archaeological excavations from Germany to South-America and ancient Mesopotamia have revealed that such practices were very much commonplace. Just as commonplace, incidentally, as the clapping-in-irons of free men.

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Were the “gods” in the old days still an untouchable outside force, and the priests but mediators communicating their commands, today the elites have replaced them by their own countenance. But the contrast is superficial. Regardless of the question who occupies the god-seat at any one time, the offering has remained the same throughout the ages.

“Let there be floods of the blood of the bourgeois”, Vladimir Iljitsj Lenin confided to a Bolshevik newspaper in 1918. ” More blood, as much as possible.”

It is this quiet, unspoken belief that by bringing about mass-death, the members gain divine powers, their claim to rule safeguarded. It’s the ancient principle of the hunter, acquiring the life-blood of the hunted projected onto the globe. Now how to accomplish this lethal objective. Well, first let’s answer the who-question. What entity has the ability and capacity to exterminate life on a massive scale? And who has proven to do so according to the historical record? Asking the question equals answering it. Government, of course.

Now, what sort of government could exterminate the most amount of people? National or global? Again, there is no question. And there you have it. But global government, however feverishly it is being pursued, it still only a means to an end. By accumulating political and economic power, coordinated on a global scale, those in the god-seat acquire not only sovereign rule over the planet, they can rule with the powers attributed to a god: power over life and death. And that means: life for them, death for us.

The Scientific Dictatorship

It wasn’t necessary to slander either the tree or the snake to make the point. We face an enemy discouragingly massive in scope. But, to make it rime, there is every reason to hope. The obvious attempts to “control fertility” are meeting with more resistance than they must have expected. The eugenicists, as they pose as environmentalists, are being exposed at every turn for what they are: members of an elite death-cult, celebrating death with the assistance of science, under cover of science, quenching their thirst for blood with the motto: killing one may activate a cell; killing many, revitalises the entire body.

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