A Racine, Wis., man invaded a woman’s home to steal her Confederate flag and assaulted her in the process, according to police.

Although the suspect, 37-year-old Tajaun Boatner, faces multiple charges, including criminal trespassing and misdemeanor battery, the presiding judge set his bail at $100 over the recent incident spurred by a Confederate flag hanging in a window.

Boatner reportedly asked the woman to remove the flag after spotting it in her kitchen window and started calling her names even though she agreed to move the flag to a less visible bathroom window.

“[The woman] told him to leave her alone, but he walked up on to her porch, opened the doorway to her home, and pushed her down on to the floor of her kitchen,” the Racine Co. Eye reported. “He then went into the home, walked into the bathroom and took the flag out of the window.”

The police said that when they arrested Boatner, he refused to cooperate and they had to “forcefully push him into the wagon to transport him to jail and he kicked his feet against the door to prevent it from closing.”

The $100 cash bond set for Boatner seems unusually low for a suspect accused of assault during a home invasion, not to mention resisting arrest.

This incident highlights how the current war against the Confederate flag is really just a war against individuals and property rights which has cost at least one man his life.

In July an outspoken black Confederate flag supporter, Anthony Hervey, was found dead in a flipped-over 2005 Ford Explorer after he was ran off the road by protestors while leaving a Confederate flag rally.

Hervey was well-known for wearing a Confederate uniform in support of Southern heritage and for writing the book “Why I Wave the Confederate Flag: Written by a Black Man.”


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