The man who was hit by a statue torn down by BLM protesters in Portsmouth, Virginia is now in a coma after having his head split open by the falling monument.

Black Lives Matter demonstrators used bolt cutters, hammers, and other objects to smash the Confederate statue, beheading four of the soldiers surrounding the monument last night.

However, when one of the soldiers was torn down, it fell on one of the protesters, who was later named as Chris Greene.

The crowd’s cheering was quickly reduced to shock as Greene was left “with a head laceration so deep that his skull could be seen through the wound.”

Medics removed him on a stretcher and then asked the other protesters to leave the area.

Greene is now in a coma and his life hangs in the balance.

Portsmouth City Council had held an emergency meeting earlier in the day to decide the statue’s fate and had set a date of July 28 for a hearing. However, this was too long to wait for BLM protesters, who congregated last night to pull it down.

The statue was erected in the late 1870s in honor of Confederate fighters from Portsmouth, Norfolk and Norfolk County.

The George Floyd riots have now claimed a total of at least 21 lives, a factor that the media seems keen on ignoring.


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