An African-American man who posted video of himself threatening to murder Donald Trump and his family on YouTube has been arrested and thrown in jail.

26-year-old Richard Deville Jr. of Clarksville, Indiana allegedly told police he made the menacing video because “he thought it would make him look cool.”

I wonder where in the world he could have gotten that idea

Via FOX 59:

[Deville Jr.] has been charged with unlawful possession of a firearm by a serious violent felon and intimidation.

A secret service special agent involved in the investigation says another secret service agent alerted him to the video on Tuesday.

The agent says the IP address from the video was used to identify Deville as the user.

Court documents say the agent went to interview Deville, who was detained for an unrelated domestic situation.

During the interview, Deville gave the agent his phone number that the agent says matched the number associated with the posting of the video. The agent says Deville also admitted to making the video.

“Deville told me that he produced the video and posted it to YouTube because he thought it would make him look cool,” the affidavit states.

YouTuber Mark Dice exposed the thug last week and talked about how the secret service contacted him after one of Trump’s children saw his video on the incident:

This incident is more evidence the media is trying to push some low IQ moron to assassinate Trump.

The whole environment the media has created not only could trigger some moron to kill him, but it also gives the establishment plenty of cover to assassinate him themselves and pin the blame on some random idiot.

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