During President Trump’s Sunrise, Florida rally on Tuesday night, 45 slammed the Democrat impeachment witch-hunt and a sea of supporters donning red hats chanted “bullshit” in defiance of the Deep State coup.

Watch below:

With the president recently declaring himself a resident of Florida, it was fitting that he riled up the crowd in true “Florida man” fashion.

“First, it was the Russia hoax, total hoax,” he said. “The Mueller deal, you remember that mess? They had nothing. Two years they spent, $45 million, and the real cost is many times that number.”

“Now, the same maniacs are pushing the deranged impeachment, think of this, impeachment. A witch-hunt! The same as before, and they’re pushing that impeachment witch-hunt and a lot of bad things are happening to them,” Trump continued. “Because you see what’s happening with the polls? Everybody said, ‘That’s really bullshit!'”

The crowd responded with loud cheers and started chanting “bullshit” in agreement with President Trump.

“I don’t want to go on it too long, but all I’m saying is it’s a terrible hoax,” he added.

Meanwhile, the House Judiciary Committee will hold its first hearing next week with testimony from selected constitutional lawyers.

President Trump has the option of sending an attorney to represent him at the hearing.

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