The official London Fire Brigade is demanding that ‘Fireman Sam’ – a decades old British cartoon aimed at young children – be renamed ‘Firefighter Sam’ because the original name is sexist.

Yes. Really.

It all started when London’s Fire Commissioner Dany Cotton wrote to the creators of ‘Fireman Sam’ asking them to “reconsider naming him ‘Firefighter Sam’ to join in on the inclusive nature.”

“I like the concept, I like the fact it’s a cartoon that educates people and helps children learn about the dangers of fire. But I really would like him to come on board and be called ‘Firefighter Sam’,” said Cotton.

The official London Fire Brigade Twitter account then responded to another user who commented, “‘Fireman Sam’ is a kids cartoon about a bloke called Sam who is a fireman. Anyone upset about a cartoon needs to see a psychiatrist.”

“Fireman Sam is an influential kids cartoon about a bloke called Sam who is the only fireman in Britain. Everyone else’s job title for the past 30 years is firefighter. And they deserve respect #FirefightingSexism,” the London Fire Brigade sanctimoniously tweeted.

Responses to the tweet thankfully restored some sanity to proceedings.

It’s important to emphasise that the vast majority of firefighters (both men and women) probably don’t give a flying flip about a children’s cartoon character being called ‘Fireman Sam’.

Just like the vast majority of police officers couldn’t care less about the incessant political correctness and virtue signalling that spews forth from the jobsworth lefty idiots who run all these ‘official’ Twitter accounts.

This all proves once again that the UK is not a serious country and is being run by politically correct thought police who are trying to ruin everything for everyone.


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Paul Joseph Watson is the editor at large of and Prison

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