London was struck by yet another terrorist attack this morning, but even as the terrorist was still on the run some on the left were more worried about “Islamophobia”.

The improvised explosive device, which was contained in a bucket, failed to properly detonate but still injured at least 22 people and caused panic during rush hour.

Terror expert Major General Chip Chapman says he is “100 per cent certain” the attack was the work of an Islamic terrorist and that the bomb was similar to the devices used in the Boston bombings.

However, despite the terrorist still being on the run, with CCTV images potentially crucial in the public helping the police identify him, some on the left were more concerned about “Islamophobia”.

One woman who says she was born in London was seemingly offended by President Donald Trump calling the terrorist a “loser,” accusing Trump of being Islamophobic.

Journalist Jo Yurcaba‏ also seemed more offended by Trump’s tweet than the actual attack.

Another man said it was “equally as important” to not hurt people’s feelings.

Another woman suggested that merely asking if the terrorist was a jihadist was Islamophobic, racist and a “hate crime”.

This man’s main concern after a terrorist attack and with the terrorist still on the run was people being mean to London Mayor Sadiq Khan.

Spike’s Brendan O’Neill summed it up best.

“People chase after fantasy hate crimes while saying next to nothing about Islamist hate crimes that have killed 34 people in six months.”


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Paul Joseph Watson is the editor at large of and Prison

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