Travis W. Crank
August 18, 2010

Have you ever wondered why it’s so difficult to convey all the important issues to your fellow humans, why so few seem to really listen, why so few even seem capable of getting upset over anything that truly matters to the human species? Why so many have lost the fire in their eyes and just cannot seem to grasp horrible crimes against their person, taking place right under their noses, hidden in plain sight? Why are we truly so apathetic to the reality around us?

Sodium fluoride and other poisons are being deliberately introduced into the public water supplies in order to dull the ‘teeth’ of the freedom movement in this nation (pun intended), make populations more docile overall and to promote sterility.

Why EPA Headquarters Union of Scientists Opposes Fluoridation

On August 5th, Infowars put out a call for action to launch a new campaign, to inform the public about the toxic chemical sodium fluoride that’s being added to tap water across the country. When Infowars first made the original poster available online, we immediately saw the opportunity to convey a uniform and provocative, yet blatantly truthful message to the public. Something a child could understand – There is Poison in the Tap Water. That is of course, if that child was not subjected to forced-medication from the day he or she was born…

These are the times we live in. This is the time for direct action. No longer can we operate exclusively on their time, on their terms, or in their forums – like so many great activists that have stood before their city council’s and other officials, being condescended and subject to the usual ridicule and other clichés, while the public servants pretend to hear our pleas, pretend to take an honest assessment and cease. Ultimately, to see them continuing this practice – due in part to financial kickbacks and other incentives given to them by the puppet federal government, so that they can have a convenient means of disposal of this toxic chemical – with the added bonus for them of promoting sterility and administering a low-dosage chemical lobotomy for everyone, over the course of years.

Just hours after the poster was made available and just prior to Alex Jones making this call for action on the air – we were getting busy. The purpose of this campaign is not raise hell for the sake of, but to incite public inquiry and to prod the general public into investigating for themselves. Nor is it to pose as experts, ourselves. Common-sense is all that we require. This campaign has been aggressively promoted online by myself and others, and has now expanded to our friends across the pond and elsewhere overseas.

On August 13th, local media quickly picked up on the Infowars story concerning my open-letter to city officials and the anti-fluoride campaign in Wichita, and then contacted myself and associate James Gragg for interviews via telephone. KWCH was the first to inquire about the story. Contact with us was initially made by reporter Rebecca Gannon of KWCH News Channel 12, who conducted a telephone interview with me while I submitted information to her via e-mail. The story was later re-assigned to reporter Kim Wilhelm, who did the following hit-piece on our local movement, the first local story to appear which aired at 5 o’clock PM. KWCH failed to represent our key points with the exception of Mr. Gragg’s video testimony, as well as the supporting information I provided KWCH in the form of official documentation – as well as the City of Wichita’s own Water Poisoning Report which directly conflicts with the City’s verbal statements. Ms. Wilhelm largely regurgitates the city’s repeated statements:

testing results

Fluoride used as a singular term is deceptive by design. There are chemicals known as calcium fluoride and sodium fluoride –the former actually being a pervasive, naturally occurring substance and the latter delivering a devastating chemical attack to the human body in low-dosages over long period of time. Paul Fassa of Natural News has written an excellent piece on How to Detox Fluorides from Your Body.

sodium fluoride

One cannot argue with a ‘skull and crossbones’, yet those defending this practice continue to argue in favor of its use in water supplies across the nation, and in promoting commercial products loaded with it – most commonly in commercial toothpastes, but also in hundreds of other products we use every day without knowing because they’re not required to disclose its existence in many foods and beverages. The average person is either completely unaware of the danger, willfully ignorant in their chemical bliss (unknowing it’s source, I might add), or just so psychologically invested in this proven fraud that they cannot let go on their own without a shove. Or all of the above… Some people will believe almost anything that comes from a suit or otherwise ‘official’ sounding figure.

Efforts to stop the force-medication of our citizens has largely fallen on deaf ears insofar as public servants and city officials are concerned, because of a decades-long campaign by the establishment to deceive people into believing this additive is for the sake of healthy teeth, while playing on the ignorance of the general public. Nothing could be further from the truth. That is, except for just about anything else that comes from the mouthpieces in this tyrannical government.

As the story aired by KWCH on August 13th was concluding, I was contacted by Craig Andres of KSN News Channel 3 and we conducted a brief interview via telephone with him – also forwarding our entire dialog with KWCH news reporters which included the above documentation, background information on sodium fluoride, the distinct differences between calcium and sodium fluoride, etc and finally the deceptive use of the singular term ‘fluoride’, coupled with their written admission of, “Water additive which promotes strong teeth.” I urged him to pay close attention to the discrepancy between the City’s verbal statements, and the Water Poisoning Report made available to the public.

KSN aired their initial segment on the story later that evening, at 10 o’clock PM:

City of Wichita Public Works/Water Director Chris Carrier states, “I think we’re real proud of the quality of water that we have, that water is tested several times a day.” He goes on to state that, “We don’t put any fluoride in the water at all in Wichita, we never have and we never will.”

  • A d v e r t i s e m e n t
  • {openx:49}

Well, Mr. Carrier – we plan to hold you to that statement, as well as your successor… The City of Wichita’s Water and Sewer Department website states that, “On March 11th, 2010, Christopher M. Carrier was appointed by City Manager Robert Layton to act as Interim Director of Water Utilities.”

In true investigative fashion, reporter Craig Andres draws attention to the City’s own Water Poisoning Report that directly conflicts with Mr. Carrier’s own statements to the contrary, on behalf of the city. Craig Andres also emphasizes that this a national campaign to rid the nation’s water supply of sodium fluoride and uses this term accurately, as opposed to the misleading term of ‘fluoride’ by itself – which does not exist. In conclusion, KSN also re-iterates our assertion; that the majority of cities surrounding Wichita are admittingly force-medicating their citizens and that we urge the public to investigate and inform themselves as to the danger.

Do we have a closet-truther in Mr. Craig Andres?

Cities in the state of Kansas which are confirmed to be adding sodium fluoride are listed in the following 17 page document:

Kansas Department of Eugenics and Environment
2008 Fluoride Monitoring (Sedation) Results


This is low-effort/high-impact activism. Thanks to the Infowars crew for providing the original design; I have produced a double-sided version of this poster which is designed to be to be taken down and read by an unsuspecting sheeple – to take them further down the rabbit hole.

The black and white version of this poster works very well laser-printed on either yellow cardstock, or yellow paper. Using cardstock, you can avoid having to ‘wrap’ your posters around telephone poles by simply tacking two staples at the top and bottom. And remember – don’t make them difficult to take down – they’re designed to be!

Then wash, rinse and repeat as desired. Litter your cities with the truth. Put yourself on the right side of history and feel good about fighting evil.

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The reverse side bears a stern warning as to the true purpose of sodium fluoride, including color images and our own city’s Water Poisoning Reports. The Microsoft Publisher document for the reverse side is available here so that other activists may easily edit it to fit their needs, replacing the water report images with those of your own region, for example – particularly if they illustrate the same deception we observe, here in central Kansas:



Get the poster as a PDF here.

While the red pill might stick within one’s throat – the blue pill won’t protect you from slavery.

Have a handful of red ones – or enjoy your New World Order.

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