Kurt Nimmo
August 26, 2010


Once again, Alex Jones has pushed a crucial search term to the top of Google Trends. “Lindsay Lohan Poisoned!” came in as the number one “Hot Search” on Google Trends, a website that shows how often a particular search-term is entered relative to the total search-volume across various regions of the world.

On his syndicated radio show earlier today, Alex Jones encouraged his listeners and viewers on Prison Planet.tv to push the term to the top on Google Trends. The search term ranked number one within an hour, thus once again proving the power of his listenership to focus attention on critical and important issues.

During the July 16, 2010 show, Alex Jones asked listeners to search for the term “The Obama Deception” on Google, Yahoo, and other major search engines. The term ranked number one on Google Trends within an hour.

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On August 9, the search term “Barry Soetro” ranked as number one at the same time Obama was in Austin, Texas, to attend a political event. “This is yet another success for our active listeners which will help to expose the truth about the President’s deeply-buried past,” wrote Aaron Dykes.

The Google Trends tactic also worked effectively for the search terms “Poison Tap Water,” exposing sodium fluoride in drinking water across the United States, “Food: The Ultimate Secret Exposed,” concerning the secret toxic nature of modified foods, and “Brain eating vaccines,” detailing the danger of vaccinations being developed for drug addiction and stress.

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Alex’s latest video, Lindsay Lohan Poisoned!, explains why Lindsay Lohan, and by extension millions of Americans are being poisoned with methamphetamine style drugs like Ritalin that cause brain shrinkage, heart problems and a myriad of other disorders. In the video, Jones also highlights how SSRI Prozac drugs are turning people into psychopaths and are leading to a massive increase in suicides and other reckless behavior. As well he addresses the deadly threat of sodium fluoride and how it causes IQ reduction, bone cancer, and how vaccines are contributing to a massive and sustained chemical attack on free humanity as the globalists’ eugenics agenda goes into high gear.

Alex Jones and the Infowars.com and Prison Planet.com team would like to thank readers and his audience for moving his latest effort to the top of Google Trends. By using Google’s technology, we have successfully exposed important issues to an ever growing audience.

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