Signs bearing this Hillary Clinton For Prison: 2016 image have been torn down and destroyed across America and the mainstream media makes it sound as if it is evil to discuss the idea of sending Hillary Clinton to prison.

However, it’s your First Amendment right to say that Hillary Clinton should be brought to justice.  Her open crimes of Benghazi, Watergate, Fast and Furious, IRS-gate, The Clinton Foundation and private internet servers makes Nixon look like a choirboy.

That’s why Infowars is releasing this limited edition run of Hillary Clinton For Prison: 2016 t-shirts.  Wear them loud, wear them proud and help get the word out that all of these globalist criminals, Republican and Democrat alike, should be held accountable for their crimes. The back of this dark navy blue shirt further drives home this point with the phrase Legalize Freedom along with the logo.

Let everybody know that Hillary Clinton deserves to be in prison, not president.

Hillary for Prison

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