Liberals on Twitter are mourning Ruth Bader Ginsburg in their own way, comparing her to characters from Marvel, Star Wars, and Harry Potter.

Bader Ginsburg was confirmed to have died from pancreatic cancer on Friday afternoon at the age of 87, causing many across politics to mourn her life.

President Trump paid tribute to Bader Ginsburg in the normal fashion, telling reporters as soon as he heard that she was an “amazing woman,”and was sad to hear of her passing.

However, liberals decided that the best way to mourn Bader Ginsburg on Twitter was to compare her to characters from all across pop culture.

Join Harrison Smith and Alex Jones as they dissect the death of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg

One tweet that first garnered a lot of attention, involved a 10 year old daughter doing the “Wakanda” pose, while saying “Ruthkanda forever,” although the author of the tweet has now locked her account. The reference comes as the actor who played the titular Black Panther, Chadwick Boseman, passed away last month.

Further comparisons to Marvel characters abounded, including notably Wonder Woman.

Some liberals declared on Twitter that the death of Bader Ginsburg was akin to the falling of the Ministry of Magic in the Harry Potter series, with Ginsburg herself being compared to Professor McGonagall by some.

Another popular comparison was Princess Leia from Star Wars. “The force will be stronger now that she can be part of it,” one person told their friend in a text.

Another section of Twitter involved conversations with the (potentially imaginary) daughters of liberal Twitter, where the authors of the tweets declared just how sad their children were. One even said their 4 year old daughter said Bader Ginsburg was just like the rabbit lead character from Zootopia.

Others simply just cried.

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