Unlike the Confederate flag, leftists aren’t demonizing the ISIS flag even though ISIS militants are throwing gays off of high-rise buildings.

Not long after the Supreme Court made a decision on same-sex marriages, ISIS posted a video showing four gay men being thrown to their deaths in the Syrian city of Deir ez-Zor.

“Hundreds of people living under the Islamic caliphate gathered to watch the brutal execution,” the Mirror reported. “Spectators can be heard gasping in an atrocious scene as the men died one after another, with their corpses piling up on the ground.”

But even though leftists spent the past week purging the Confederate flag as a so-called symbol of oppression, so far there’s been no nationwide call to similarly ban the ISIS flag.

In fact, the news coverage of the executions was greatly overshadowed by the liberal media’s continued obsession with the Confederate flag in the name of “political correctness.”

For example, while the Confederate flag was mentioned over 19,000 times by network news in the past 30 days, according to the Washington Examiner, ISIS was only mentioned a paltry 2,100 times in comparison.

And remember the massive liberal backlash over an Indiana pizzeria which said it wouldn’t cater a gay wedding if asked? Why are those same leftists keeping their mouths shut when it comes to ISIS actually executing gays in the most brutal ways possible?

Why doesn’t the lives of gay Middle Easterners matter to American liberals who are currently purging the Confederate flag?

There must be something in the leftist ideology which states that executing gays is okay if you’re a Muslim extremist, but it’s discriminatory for Christians to refuse to cater pizza to a gay wedding.

This ideology is pretty easy to understand once you realize that these so-called “liberals” are in fact just leftist authoritarians who are extremely intolerant of anything that doesn’t fit into their agenda.

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