Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) went into hostile territory during an appearance on “The View” where the show’s hosts kissed the political establishment’s butt by pushing for more war in Syria and for America to embrace socialism.

Whoopie Goldberg started the interview by asking Paul why he agrees with President Trump’s decision to remove U.S. troops from Syria.

Paul stated, “I think these wars are senseless, and so does President Trump, he doesn’t want to get us involved in another Iraq war in Syria.”

The Kentucky senator went on to explain how serious war is and that Americans need to ask, “Why we are going to war and who are we fighting?”

Next, Goldberg asked Paul if Trump is going about the decision the right way, suggesting America is leaving its allies in a dangerous situation.

Once again questioning whether or not we should be leaving Syria, Whoopie asked if America should walk out in the middle of a conflict and Paul replied, “We should never be there in the first place.”

“For many years, the left agreed with me,” Paul said, highlighting the Democrats’ anti-war past before they embraced war throughout the Obama and Trump administrations.

The senator tried to educate the co-hosts on the Military-Industrial Complex, telling them “These are the same people that would still have us in Vietnam. These are the same people who say ‘stay at war, stay at war, stay at war.'”

In the next segment, the show returned with a different topic, Paul’s new book “The Case Against Socialism.”

However, the discussion only got more heated when Senator Paul told the group that Bernie Sanders’ socialist policies would be unpopular in a country like Denmark, a place liberals use as an example of successful socialism.

Paul carried on, adding, “In fact, the Prime Minister of Denmark, when he heard Bernie was going around saying they were socialists, says ‘No, no, we’re not socialists. We have private property, a stock exchange. We have low corporate income taxes, we don’t have a minimum wage.'”

While on the topic of socialist nations, Ana Navarro asked Rand if it’s fair for Republicans to say “If you vote for Democrats, they will turn the United States into Venezuela.”

“Well, if you vote for socialists, you might get socialism,” Paul quipped, causing Navarro to freak out.

She argued that “Maduro is not a socialist,” and called him a “murderous thug who is starving his people.”

While she’s right about Maduro being a “murderous thug,” she’s 100% wrong about him not being a socialist.

Maduro is the leader of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela and the major point Ana is missing is that socialism always leads to a power-hungry government oppressing its citizens.

When Paul tried to enlighten Navarro, she refused to listen and told him “Don’t mansplain,” in what was the perfect SJW ending to the ridiculous segment.

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