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January 23, 2012

The purpose of the American pressure against Iran extends beyond the nuclear power projection Iran is busy obtaining. It is rather a wider encompassing strategy aimed at leveraging the resources of the middle-east in their larger sense in order to produce leverage on three fronts: Russia, China and the Muslim arena. These resources span over: geography, demography, water ways, drinking water, arable land, ethnic, linguistic and religious fracture lines and of course the natural resources. Mostly Petroleum, Natural-Gas and Lithium.

The globalists are now operating along the lines of the Bernard Lewis plan for partitioning the Middle-East .Above is a slightly revised version of the Lewis map proposed by Ralph Peters.
(See also the Ethnic map of the middle-east and the regional map of Iran)

The first example to this trend can be witnessed in north-western Syria where Assad’s own regime builds an Allawite principality along the lines drawn in the above map.

For the war predicted to start in June 2012 the operational scenario is likely to start with an aerial assault on Iran, expected to last several weeks in order to accomplish its primary goals against the Iranian power structure, military and political alike. Iran shall then render all its havoc potential loose, pouring on Israel and the GCC countries all their available arsenal of ballistic missiles carrying unconventional and conventional warheads, depending on the selection of targets and availability of payloads and of launch measures.

Israel will also be subjected to Hezbollah invasions from the Lebanon commanded by Iranian Brigadier Generals. This time around and unlike February 1991 when Iraq launched barrages of scuds on Israel, Israel will find itself out of range for revenging on the belligerent gulf country, although with its hands full of the immediate threat on 2 borders: North (Hezbollah) and south (Hamas). This will likely see the Israelis pressured by the US not to retaliate to Iranian bombardment of their cities, just like in the 1991 war on Saddam Hussein.

Since the IDF’s defeat in the summer 2006 Lebanese war, Pentagon strategists have tirelessly toiled to integrate that hollow corpse of dilettantism into their own regional defense apparatus, under the guise of “military aid”. The most prominent example of this methodology is the X-Band radar deployed in the Negev desert of southern Israel in year 2008 in order to increase and enhance the early warning capabilities of potentially upcoming Iranian ballistic missiles, while in effect handing over the entire Israeli airspace to the Pentagon’s real-time totalitarian surveillance, thus neutralizing the Israeli military option against Iran (at least in terms of combat aircraft). The planned deployment of US officers to Israel, despite the parallel deployment of IDF officers to EUCOM , suggests even greater strings attached to Israel’s hand, thus further limiting its capability to act independently in face of the Iranian threat.
The same tactic was used for deploying a similar radar system in Eastern Europe, i.e. cultivating the perception of potential Iranian threat (the old ‘manufactured enemy’ trick) in order to create a pretext for the overtake of former Warsaw pact members by NATO.

The bombing and destabilization campaign against Iran will eventually lead to a prolonged stalemate followed by a US imposed siege and sanctions, possibly lasting for years, following  the Iraqi model of the 1990’s. While the west is stuck in an ongoing economic crisis, the fundamental Anglo-American interest vs. the Chino-Russian bloc dictates prolonged meddling in Iran for the purpose of partitioning it along the ethnic division lines (following similar methodology employed in the Sunni sphere during the “Arab spring”) proposed in the book “clash of civilizations”.

Once the globalist petroleum monopoly achieves its desired ‘oil shock’ by means of the predictable closure of the Hormuz straits by the Iranians (as we predicted in November 5th 2011), the new pipeline systems planned to stretch across the Arabian peninsula can be safely accomplished in order to bypass the Hormuz choke-point , thus granting the globalists with the power to pressing on China by means of holding the strategic supply routes under their own hands, claiming this lever of control from Iran. This reordering of the map may include the establishment of a new state based around Hormozgan by that measure restoring the western reign over the northern Hormuz. Having conquered Iran, the viability of AfPak as a supply route leading energy to China  from the Caspian Sea, would come under the reign of American discretion which may leverage it in order to reshape AfPak in to 4 countries, carving Baluchistan and Pashtunistan out of the existing countries.

Operation ‘Papal Oak’ ready to go ahead

Once Iran is neutralized and boxed, the globalists will set their sights on the western sector of the Middle East and unleash their Palestinian color invasion into Israel (that being the blatantly violent replacement for the asymmetric “peace” arrangements of the 1990’s signed in Madrid & Oslo). Once those Arab mercenaries accomplish their task, this rigged endgame is designed to create a Vatican principality around Jerusalem, ring fenced by a military all round umbrella provided by NATO, along the lines of the Allon planlaid out by the former Israeli General and Minister Igal Allon. His first name ‘Igal’ translates to ‘Salvatore’ and his last name ‘Allon’ translates to Oak, hence the title of this section. This plan originally called for Israeli permanent presence (a) along the Jordan valley, forming Israel’s eastern border; (b) across the coastal line, forming Israel’s western terrestrial edge verging on the offshore fields of natural-gas. This campaign of the globalists to overtake the eastern-Mediterranean natural-gas fields has already comprised several successive phases leading to eventual globalist hegemony:

1) Dragging Israel in to self-defeating quagmires: the one in Gaza culminating summer 2005 with an Israeli unilateral withdrawal, and the one of Lebanon in summer 2006 followed with NATO deployments shielding Hezbollah from Israel by means of a flotilla offshore and of heavily armored troops along Lebanon’s border with Israel.

2) Unleashing the Neo-Ottoman warmongers as expendable pawns on the eastern Mediterranean sea by arranging the “humanitarian” maritime provocation in Gaza (may 2010) followed by a full scale naval brinkmanship facing Cyprus (2011), leading by-design to the triple defense pact : Israel-Greece-Cyprus, which turns the overstretched Israeli Navy in to cannon fodder in service of the American drilling conglomerate, while the US 6th fleet counters Russian flotillas operating from Tratus and Latakiya in Syria.

3) Political and economic destabilization of Israel , orchestrated by EU \ Soros funded NGO’s (and their puppets in the Israeli mainstream media and judicial system), designed to fracture its socio-economic fabric and undermine the control over natural resources, and interwoven with carefully timed Al-CIAeda raids on the Sinai gas pipeline.

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