Following an incident in the UK where a statue of Edward Colston was torn down by ‘protesters’ at the weekend, leftists took to Twitter to give rioters more ideas for what to vandalize next.

Owen Jones, a rampant socialist agitator was careful to make sure he didn’t specifically call for any statues to be torn down, but spent time identifying ‘offending’ figures that could be targeted:

Jones’ followers quickly jumped on:

Others saw Jones’ tweets for exactly what they are:

Jones smugly claimed he was just ‘stating facts’ with the posts:

He insinuated that removing statues legally is a dead end:

He also retweeted an image of Nigel Farage and Boris Johnson being thrown in a river along with the statue of Edward Colston:

Others guessed that Jones won’t be too eager to identify statues and memorials to communist murderers:

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