Some leftists on Twitter reacted to Ryan Newman’s horrific crash at the Daytona 500 in Florida by celebrating the accident because Newman is a Trump supporter.

The NASCAR driver is hospitalized in a serious condition after his car flipped and burst into flames in a 190mph crash. Newman was leading the race when the accident happened.

While most normal people reacted to the crash by expressing concern for Newman’s health, some leftists on Twitter immediately rushed to politicize the tragedy.

“#ryannewman is a huge Trump supporter. Shit like this happens when one supports the anti-Christ. No what I mean?” commented one individual.”

In one instance, Twitter even suspended someone who reacted negatively to a leftist celebrating the crash.

Another user tweeted “Ryan Newman is a Trump supporter” alongside an emoji of someone holding their arms to their side.

A user called @Trump_Is_A_Turd said she hoped Newman would die if he was a Republican.

“i do hope ryan newman is ok but it’s hilarious how it’s only NOT ok to bring politics into it when it’s a trump supporter. give me a fucking break,” tweeted another individual who was presumably keen to “bring politics” into a life threatening accident.

Others blamed Trump’s presence at the race for the crash.

“@realdonaldtrump put a curse on the #Daytona500 #NASCAR race track. Evil follows him wherever he goes and whatever he touches,” tweeted one.

“Trump brought the Black Clouds of rain yesterday & those Black Clouds stayed to the end,” said another.

However, numerous other people reacted to the insensitive tweets by urging leftists not to politicize the accident.

Of course, none of this is shocking. As we highlighted earlier this month, countless leftists reacted to Rush Limbaugh’s announcement that he had lung cancer by expressing joy and gratitude.


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