Liberals shared a photo over the weekend of illegal immigrant children sleeping inside a detention facility – evidence, they claimed, of President Trump’s cruel separation of families.

The problem was the photo was taken during President Obama’s reign, amid the immigrant influx that dominated a majority of his second term.

Following a USA Today report claiming 1,475 migrant children were “lost” by the federal government, numerous leftists, including journalists, tweeted out the picture claiming it showed the “first photos of separated migrant children.”

Black Lives Matter leader Shaun King was among the first to be fooled by the 2014 photo, even tweeting a link that contained “2014” in the URL.

The photo was taken at an ICE detention facility in 2014, during which over 1,000 illegal immigrants flooded the southern US border taking advantage of Obama’s lax immigration enforcement.

A CNN reporter who breathlessly tweeted the photo later deleted it and claimed she didn’t mean to give the “impression of recent photos.” Twitter users with screenshots of her original post quickly corrected her.

The photo was also shared – and deleted – by a former Obama administration official, Jon Favreau, who wrote speeches for the ex-president.

New York Times Magazine Editor-in-Chief Jake Silverstein also tweeted the photo, only to later delete it and blame his family for the error.

President Trump addressed the issue of separating immigrant children from their families in a tweet over the weekend, saying Democrats should work to bring an end to the “horrible law.”


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