Leftists on Twitter attacked Ivanka Trump Sunday for showing support to Iranians currently protesting their government.

In a New Year’s Eve tweet, the first daughter offered words of encouragement to citizens in Iran seeking “freedom from tyranny.”

“Inspired by the heroism & bravery of the peaceful protesters in #Iran,” Ivanka tweeted. “We must stand by the Iranian people as they seek freedom from tyranny.”

Ivanka’s tweet was soon bombarded by outraged leftists who attempted to compare the brutal Iranian regime to her father’s presidency.

“Actually, it’s time for you to also tell Americans to seek freedom from the tyranny that Daddy Dearest Dotard is in the process of establishing in the United States,” one Twitter user said.

Another Twitter user called on Ivanka to instead “#Resist tyranny here at home.”

Others even appeared to claim they were being oppressed in similar fashion as the Iranian protesters.

“We seek freedom from tyranny, the one your corrupt lying father is inflicting on us,” another Twitter user said.

In stark opposition to the left-wing outrage, Iranian’s themselves thanked Ivanka for showing support for their cause.

President Donald Trump has also tweeted in support of the Iranian protests over the past several days.

The demonstrations, which are aimed at protesting government corruption, among other issues, has left 12 people dead.

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