In addition to attacking and assaulting permitted demonstrators in Sacramento on Sunday, leftist thugs from BAMN and Antifa targeted the media.

The Washington Post reported a “KCRA-TV reporter and his cameraman were caught in an altercation with protesters who shouted ‘no cameras’ as they tried to grab their equipment and shove them away from the crowd.”

Preventing the media from exercising the First Amendment is now a routine tactic. Radical “direct action” groups do not want people to see their unprovoked attacks and the violence used to shut down political enemies. The attackers wear balaclavas and ski masks in order to remain anonymous and avoid being identified and arrested for assault.

The left, including Bernie Sanders supporters, believe violence against “racists” (supporters of Donald Trump are included in this category) are legitimate targets. In San Diego, police stood by while thugs chanting “Bernie” assaulted people at a Trump rally. The mayor of San Diego and the corporate media blamed Trump supporters for the violence.

During a Trump event in Albuquerque, leftist activists attacked journalists and police horses. Infowars reporter Jakari Jackson was hit by a rock thrown by one of the demonstrators outside the event as police used tear gas to clear the mob.

“When confronted with the fact that the organizers of these melees are Bernie Sanders supporters, and representatives from Democrat-allied groups, like La Raza and, the Democratic party establishment denies, denies, denies. They then condemn the violence with one hand, while their allies perpetuate it,” writes Tammy Bruce for TheWashington Times.

Groups involved in a disruption of a Trump event in Chicago include Black Lives Matter Chicago,, La Raza Chicago, International ANSWER Chicago, SEIU Local 73, The Illinois Coalition of Immigrant and Refugee Rights.

Following Trump’s primary victory in Indiana, leftists and fellow travelers took to Twitter and promised riots if the candidate becomes president. Others called for his assassination.

“Such calls for violence are a direct violation of Twitter’s terms of service, however at press time all of these accounts are still active,” writes Lee Stranahan for Breitbart. “This is troubling given Twitter’s recent history of what appears to be a war on conservative media, including their unexplained de-verification of Breitbart tech editor Milo Yiannopoulos’s account.”

Leftists in the media have also called for violence. Earlier this month, Vox editor Emmett Rensin called for riots in response to Donald Trump rallies.

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