Get ready, progressives. Your hero is about to climb into bed with the bankers.

On Wednesday, The Washington Post reported that although Massachusetts Democrat Elizabeth Warren has yet to officially support Hillary Clinton, the campaign is “in regular contact with her team and are very excited about the prominent role she has taken in defining what’s at stake in the election,” according to Clinton spokesman Brian Fallon. The Post predicts Warren will endorse Clinton after the primaries.

In the meantime, Warren has launched a leftist jihad against Donald Trump. She has declared the “central question” of the 2016 election is “whether this country works for billionaires like Trump and their big bank friends or whether this country works for everyone else.”

Warren and the progressives are sadly lost in the wilderness. The “billionaires” are incidental to the destruction of America. The Federal Reserve cartel, the central banks and the international financial elite are the primary culprits. It is not billionaires like Donald Trump refusing to pay their “fair share” of taxes that undermines the economy, but rather the monetary policy of the Federal Reserve and the banks. Every economic disaster since 1913—from the Great Depression to the stagflation of the seventies, to the burst of the dotcom bubble and the subprime fiasco—was engineered by the Federal Reserve and the private bankers who control it.

Democrat progressives are blind to the corrosive effect of fiat currency debasement, a staggering and historically unprecedented debt, and the suffocation of ever-increasing taxation. Elizabeth Warren has absolutely no clue about how a healthy economy functions or what it means to run a successful business. She spent her career in academia and then government.

Warren, however, does have a problem with the Federal Reserve.

Early last month, she signed on to a letter sent to Federal Reserve boss Janet Yellen. Did Ms. Warren and her fellow Democrat signatories complain about the counterfeiting fraud of fractional reserve banking? Nope. Did they harp on the bankster scam of monetizing the federal debt? Hardly.

The problem, according to Warren and Michigan Rep. John Conyers, is that there is little diversity on the Federal Reserve board. “When the voices of women, African-Americans, Latinos, and representatives of consumers and labor are excluded from key discussions, their interests are too often neglected,” the letter states.

To be fair, the letter calls for transforming the Fed into a wholly public entity. This “reform,” however, is spearheaded by the Center for Popular Democracy, a federation of groups including old chapters of ACORN. It receives funding from the Ford Foundation and the Democracy Alliance, a network of donors that includes George Soros. The Ford Foundation has worked with the CIA for over 60 years co-opting and gatekeeping leftist organizations.

It really is quite amazing how easily Democrats and progressives are sold out to the global elite and the banksters. Elizabeth Warren is no friend of working Americans and her willingness to join Hillary Clinton and her contributors—Citigroup, Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan Chase, Time Warner, and Microsoft—should set off alarm bells.

Over the next few months, the Democrats will send out increasingly hysterical warnings about Donald Trump and the fate of America if he becomes president. Warren and Sanders, after he finally admits defeat, will demand Democrats get behind Clinton or, if the taint of scandal finally takes its toll, the feckless Joe Biden or possibly John Kerry.

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