A “day of rage” during which leftist protesters in London vowed to “overthrow the government” turned into a day of epic failure.

The demonstrators were angry about a myriad of things, including the Grenfell Tower fire, despite a charity representing the victims warning of how it “cannot emphasise enough” how much residents “do not want their grief hijacked for any violent or destructive means”.

I’ve seen more school kids out on a trip in this location than there were protesters today.

No doubt there were many supporters of Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn’s nightmare proposal to seize private property and give it to the homeless.

Oh and by the way, Communism killed at least 90 million people last century alone.

Those worried about #DayOfRage Corbyntards trying to requisition their property need only place this job centre sign above their property. It has the same effect as holding up a cross to a vampire.


When asked how they planned on overthrowing the government, this confused woman seemed to think that mere protest alone would be enough (despite the fact that butt-hurt leftists protest every single week in London with no impact whatsoever).

Nobody has any idea what this sign is supposed to mean.

The protesters hurled abuse at soldiers trying to relax at the The Cavalry & Guards Club.

Sweaty, angry, dumb leftists repeating mindless slogans on a boiling hot day. Yuck.

By the start of the march on Parliament to “overthrow the government,” the number of protesters had dwindled to a pathetic amount.


Final word goes to Dougie Brimson, who sums it all up in one tweet.


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