Protesters stormed the White House again on Saturday, as law enforcement officials used tear gas, pepper spray, and rubber bullets to deter them.

Reporters on the scene said that protesters continued to tear down temporary barricades at the White House while throwing fireworks, bottles, and rocks.

Communist-Led protesters are burning buildings and killing innocent people in more than 30 cities. Tune in live to find out the latest developments in what’s coming next!

Despite Trump floating the notion of his MAGA supporters gathering at the White House on Saturday night, there were no reports of a visible presence of Trump-affiliated supporters on the scene.

Maine One flew over the crowds as the president returned to the White House after watching a NASA/SpaceX manned rocket launch in Florida on Saturday afternoon.

Unlike Friday night, where protesters struggled with Secret Service on Pennsylvania Avenue, officials closed off Lafayette Park keeping protesters far away from the White House complex. Officials were much more aggressive in warding off protesters from the area.

Pictures on social media showed dumpsters near the White House set on fire.

One reporter said on Twitter that she was shot twice by rubber bullets.

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