Is slave labor coming to a convenience store near you? Have the open border globalists found a way to import slave labor without importing people?

Is automation (A.I. and robotics) replacing human workers a reaction to COVID or implementation of a plan?

“Robot” comes from the Czech word for slavery, first used about 100 years ago. Today, it has a double meaning — both mechanical slaves and slavery of humans by the technocratic elite. This play is written in 3 acts and the final act has already begun.

On 9/2/2020’s show, David Knight reports, “Take a look at this video of a man working at a convenience store from home. He has a VR system at his home and he’s controlling a robot at the convenience store so he can stock shelves without actually going there.”

“Isn’t that nice? This isn’t something mom and pop would want to do but it’s what your technocratic overlords want,” Knight continued.

“He doesn’t have to be down the street, he doesn’t have to be in the same city, he doesn’t even have to be in the same country. They’ll be able to find some poor kid in India and have him stock the shelves in Japan.”

“The first step was to export all manufacturing to China because they had slave labor there. Some people said ‘I kinda think we ought to have jobs here in America, it’s kinda unethical what they’re doing in China’. But The Cato Institute, The Heritage Foundation, and other apologists for the globalists all told us ‘shut up! Don’t you want this cheap stuff from Walmart? Look at how your standard of living is going up.’ ”

The second step was to begin repatriation of capital to the US in the name of bringing back jobs lost. But they still wanted cheap labor so they used open borders — both illegal immigration for unskilled labor and legal immigration using visa programs for skilled labor.

But even cheaper foreign labor is too expensive for the billionaires who always want just a bit more.

“Like Uber’s Travis Kalanick said, ‘the reason your Uber is so expensive is because of that other dude in the car’. This is the interim solution until they can get rid of that dude in the chair.”

What we’re seeing now is the final stage, getting rid of the dude, in 2 parts.

The first step is the capital investment in automation (robots) with repatriated cash “invested domestically”. As seen in the convenience store remote controlled robot, humans will temporarily take the place of A.I. as it’s being developed.

We’re told it’s a necessary reaction to the world’s most deadly virus — COVID. Without the fear of the virus, there would be no justification for the complication and expense of a remote controlled avatar. People might question why it’s being done and where it is leading. But the majority of the population is afraid of human contact and sees remote work as a solution.

The second step is to replace the “expensive dude” working on VR in his apartment by a much cheaper dude working from any country in the world. Voila! Foreign labor without bribing politicians for work visas as labor, both skilled and unskilled, moves to cyberspace and avoids any labor laws.

Political fights over the level of minimum wage will be replaced by fights over UBI (Universal Basic Income) levels as the unemployed masses are pacified by a monthly check as their skills and ambition atrophy and they become passive dependents like H.G. Wells’ Eloi.

Illegal immigration can still continue, in mass, to create division and civil war as the standard of living collapses and prevent a unified revolt against the technocracy.

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Harrison Smith, host of the Off Limits News podcast at points out the hypocrisy of tyrannical governments cracking down on citizens while funneling in diseased migrants meant to break the back of the middle class.

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