Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti is putting an end to homelessness with a bold new initiative designed to highlight folks living on the city’s streets.

The only problem is it doesn’t actually provide shelter or food or any other tangible help to the roughly 55,000 homeless in the City of Angels.

“To end homelessness, we have to recognize our common humanity,” Garcetti posted to Twitter, along with pictures posing with LA’s less fortunate. “The #DearNeighborLA murals send a strong message of support for housing homeless Angelenos. The first mural highlights LaShawn, a homeless mother in South L.A. who is working to provide for her son.”

The murals are one of the many ways Garcetti is spending $4.6 billion in new taxes to address the city’s homelessness epidemic, which has exploded in recent years. The Los Angeles Times reports the numbers of homeless surged 75 percent – adding roughly 20,000 to the streets, in just the last six years. The destitute are resorting to living in tents, their vehicles, business stoops, abandoned lots, and anywhere else they can find shelter.

It’s now to the point people camp out every day in the shadow of City Hall, sleeping on cardboard boxes across the street from the LAPD headquarters.

“The problem has only gotten worse since Mayor Eric Garcetti took office in 2013 and a liberal Democratic supermajority emerged in 2016 on the county Board of Supervisors,” the news site reports. “Tent cities stretch from the Antelope Valley desert to the Santa Monica coast, with stopovers in unlikely communities – even Bel-Air, where a homeless cooking fire was implicated in December’s Skirball fire.”

“People in Koreatown step outside their fancy condos to find tents, rotting food and human feces at their doorsteps,” the Times reports. “Buses and trains have become de facto shelters, and thousands of people sleep in fear and degradation.”

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New fees on developers are bringing in more money to help address the problem, with an added 600 shelter beds, expanded winter hours and more hotel vouchers. The city is also hiring 1,000 new employees to staff new homeless services and housing projects, but many question whether the efforts will be enough to address the growing numbers forced onto the streets every day.

“We are moving more homeless families and adults into housing,” Phil Ansell, director of the Los Angeles County Homeless Initiative, told the Times. “What we have less control over is the inflow: people who simply are unable to pay the rent.”

The Times reports LA’s homelessness problem dates back decades, and highlighted how it has only gotten worse despite numerous attempts by city government to fix the situation.

Folks online seem to believe the #DearNeighborLA murals offer insight into why the effort has been such an epic failure, while offering little hope that things will change any time soon, Twitchyreports.


“Just curious how a mural keeps a homeless person warm at night, dry in the rain and fed when hungry???” Samantha posted to Twitter.

“I love art but art is not going to solve the problem,” Yvette added. “What LA needs is to come to their senses, get rid of you incompetent dims, and vote for people who know how to actually solve problems. You are just silly.”

“The city is overflowing with drug addicted schizophrenic bums and he wants to paint pictures,” Kurt Schlichter wrote.

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