A shocking video shows a 16-year-old launching an apparently unprovoked attack on a 12-year-old boy while wearing brass knuckles in what could be another example of the infamous “knockout game.”

The 23 second clip shows Faulkner County teen Kane Millsaps flipping off the camera before brutally striking the 12-year-old in the face.

Millsaps, who claimed he was provoked, pleaded not guilty to battery, a felony, and possessing an instrument of crime. He is being charged as an adult over the incident, which took place on May 31st in Conway, Arkansas.

Millsaps said he attacked the victim because he was “running his mouth saying he was an MMA [Mixed Martial Arts] Fighter and he could beat him up,” however, the witness who recorded the incident told investigators that the victim “did not even see Millsaps coming and did not know he was going to be hit.”

The victim, who was knocked unconscious, reportedly had his cheek punctured, suffered a bruise on his eye, a cut on his neck and numerous broken teeth.

“When he woke up he thought he had gravel in his mouth but it was pieces of his teeth,” according to the affidavit.

Millsaps is set to appear in court on August 2nd. He told police, “he found the brass knuckles at his apartment complex and after the incident he threw them in the dumpster.”

For years, the media has played down the racial aspect of black-on-white violent crime by calling it “the knockout game.”

If the roles were reversed, with the victim being black and the assailant white, this would probably be a nationwide news story and a ‘Black Lives Matter’ cause célèbre.

Some commentators have asserted that the attacks represent a disturbing trend of violent criminals feeling emboldened to attack white people in the belief that it is somehow justified in the aftermath of the Ferguson riots.


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