Brian Williams, the man who was suspended from MSNBC for making up fake news reports, stated on a broadcast last night that he considers it his job to fear-monger on topics such as North Korea.

“Our job tonight actually is to scare people to death on this subject so the talk isn’t as free as it is about a preemptive or a surgical military strike.” Williams bizarrely claimed during a discussion about North Korea’s saber rattling and President Trump’s response.

“You know that part of the world. The population centers, Andrea and the General [Barry McCaffrey] have talked about, South Korea, the Japanese, and so on and so on,” Williams added.

Andrea Mitchell claimed that Trump’s message that more threats from North Korea will be met with fire and fury “could have been a signal to Beijing as well.”

“Listen up, take this seriously.’ It could have been President Trump sending signals in a number of directions.” Mitchell added.

Mitchell argued that “a surgical strike, it’s simply not possible.”

“If you saw a missile on a launch pad, which we are not likely to see with as much lead time because now they’re using solid state fuel, they’re using mobile launchers and they on underground rails and hidden targets, but if you did see it ready to launch and had intelligence and maybe you could take something out, and then still risk the retaliatory artillery strike, the (unintelligible) wipe out through conventional weapons most of Seoul, 25 million people, 28,000 American troops, 100,000 American civilians,” Mitchell told viewers.

The networks spent all day suggesting that Trump’s rhetoric is more dangerous than North Korean threats:

State Department spokesperson Heather Nauert responded to the criticism Wednesday, stating “The United States is on the same page.”

“Whether it’s the White House, the State Department, the Department of Defense, we are speaking with one voice and the world is in fact speaking with one voice. And we saw that as it came out of the U.N. Security Council with the resolution that passed less than a week ago.” Nauert added.

Nauert echoed Secretary of State Rex Tillerson’s comments that Trump’s “fire and fury” warning is the only effective way to speak to North Korea’s psychopathic leader Kim Jong-un.

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