The Red Brigade is carrying out a Cultural Revolution in the streets while the deep state is carrying out a Color Revolution to oust our democratically elected president.

Never lose sight of the fact this is all being done with explicit government approval and only Americans stepping up to try and stop this lawlessness are being arrested and prosecuted.

“KILL WHITEY” and “KILL ALL COCLINIZERS [sic]” was spray-painted on the statue of Francis Scott Key in Golden Gate Park.

The statue in Raleigh was “lynched”:

Remember how Trump said after Charlottesville that next they’d be tearing down statues of George Washington and Thomas Jefferson and the GOP laughed at him and threw him and their own voters under the bus?

As Tucker Carlson noted in his show Friday night, the GOP is a group of feckless cowards who have surrendered to the mob.

Owen and Dan Lyman discuss how the left’s cultural revolution in the US has spread to different countries in Europe.

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