Kurt Nimmo
August 9, 2010

The establishment is petrified over the prospect of a Rand Paul win in Kentucky. In order to discredit Paul and make his supporters look like mental patients and racists, a Democrat by the name of Tyler Clay Collins showed up at Fancy Farm, Kentucky, where a political rally was held and engaged in a brazen attempt to smear Paul.

Time describes the Fancy Farm as an event “where old-fashioned politics meets dyed-in-the-wool religion, and the differences are evened out by the glorious, gluttonous, gastronomic magic of charred pork and mutton.”

The Jay’s Analysis blog posted a video of the Dem miscreant today:

Mr. Collins, as the video above reveals, is a Jack Conway supporter, a fact demonstrated on his Facebook page.

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Paul’s Democratic opponent in the Kentucky Senate race has desperately amplified the corporate media fabrication that Paul opposes the Civil Rights Act.

“By far the most ridiculous, conniving and abhorrent political attack, however, was put together by MSNBC host Rachel Maddow, who set aside a 20 minute segment of her show to attempt to convince her viewers that Rand Paul was in favor of racial segregation, as if he is some kind of klan member,” Steve Watson wrote in May.

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Finally, in a rather bizarre attempt to shoot down the Paul campaign, GQ has posted an article by Jason Zengerle with a claim by a woman who said Paul had kidnapped her and tried to force her to take “bong hits.”

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