The View co-host Joy Behar made a bizarre suggestion for Joe Biden at tonight’s debate with President Trump: constantly ridicule Trump and bring Obama or an IRS auditor to the event to “freak him out.”

In a sign of their lack of confidence in Biden’s upcoming performance, The View‘s co-hosts first downplayed the significance of the presidential debates, with Behar claiming that debates haven’t “done much” to sway voters since the 1960 Kennedy/Nixon debate.

“Well, since, you know, the debate doesn’t do much — it hasn’t done much since 1960 and JFK debated Nixon. That really turned the thing around. Hasn’t done much since,” Behar said Tuesday.

“People are pretty much entrenched in their beliefs in who they’re going to vote for. I say just ridicule the guy because he [Trump] can’t take it. Make a fool of him the way he likes to make a fool of people. If you call him out on his lies you’ll be there for 26 hours, let’s face it.”

“You know, I say–I have a plan,” Behar continued. “Put President Obama in the front. That will freak him out! He still hasn’t gotten over the [White House] Correspondent’s Dinner when Obama made a joke about him.”

“Or if Obama doesn’t want to come, bring an IRS auditor. You have to freak him out so he looks ridiculous in front of his base,” she added.

It’s unclear how Obama’s presence would “freak out” Trump — he’s never hesitated to mock or criticize Obama on a number of issues.

Additionally, bringing an IRS auditor to the debate to “own” Trump seems asinine, given he’s openly bragged about taking advantage of the U.S. tax code.

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