A New York Post journalist who once wrote about casual racism being widespread was caught on camera mocking an Indian reporter behind his back during a White House press conference.

The clip shows Ebony Bowden pulling strange faces and asking another journalist sat next to her “who is this guy?” as the Indian expresses his best wishes that the Trump administration will “keep America safe” from coronavirus.

Bowden then appears to look at another journalist to her right and bursts out in laughter before shaking her head.

She then scowls as if trying to understand the Indian reporter’s accent before raising her eyebrow.

The Twitter user who posted the video remarked, “Who is that reporter in the green mocking an Indian reporter? I bet she thinks Trump is racist..”

He then posted a link to an article Bowden had written in which she asserts that “casual racism” is “widespread” in Australia.

The Indian reporter in question, Raghubir Goyal, has been a White House reporter since the days of President Carter, so it’s unlikely that Bowden hasn’t seen or heard him before.


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