A Washington Post journalist claims America is now a “shithole country” because Canada and the Bahamas are banning travel from the US amid Covid-19 lockdowns.

“We are pariahs. We are the s-hole country that nobody wants people from. That’s us now,” Eugene Robinson told MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough, who enthusiastically agreed.

This despite the fact that the United States is still seen as a desirable country by both legal and illegal immigrants.

“If America were to open its borders, as the Democrats effectively want, how many hundreds of millions, billions, would come flooding into our supposed ‘s-hole?’ Newsbusters’ Mark Finkelstein asked.

And that’s why Robinson’s comment only makes sense if you consider him a partisan pundit trying to score points for his “team” instead of someone trying to be objectively coherent.

Under the Trump administration, mainstream pundits like Robinson have disguised their bias as journalism “speaking truth to power,” but this style of adversarial journalism wasn’t mainstream during the Obama era.

Robinson’s comment also taps into the ‘anti-America’ undercurrent that simply equates Trump with America, which also doesn’t make obvious sense until you consider that, to many pundits, Trump represents a stronger form of American national sovereignty which doesn’t fit into their worldview.

For example, notice how Robinson seems rather concerned about how the Bahamas and Canada view the United States, which betrays his deferential thinking on a global scale.

In contrast, a ‘badass’ America that stands up for itself wouldn’t be too concerned with what those countries think because, frankly, those countries would be too busy trying to imitate American innovation anyway, even if they would never admit to it.

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