We Are Change Colorado | July 31, 2008

We are Change went down to voice our opinions of the PNAC network Manchurian Candidate. When charged with subverting the constitution, McCain responded with a grin and two big thumbs up! Good to know where our ‘leaders’ stand.

One of our newest, brightest, and best members of WeAreChangeColorado, Morgan, tells McCain how it is. He’s subverting the Constitution, and he’s a criminal.

How does McCain answer these charges? Two thumbs up!

This little gem, while short in length, shows yet again that everywhere these corrupt, lying, immoral, compromised, enemies of the Republic are brave enough to show their faces they will be met by those of us who know and understand the Truth. We will continue to shine the light of Truth on these cockroaches so that they are forced to scurry away and hide their faces. They can only do their dirty work in the shadows. Their only real power comes from the power of lies. They suffer from a scarcity of spirit and integrity that truly makes me sad for them, and filled with pity. There is still time to embrace Truth, Love, and Freedom, and come on over to the winning side. Join us in our pursuit of Justice, or be overtaken by it. It’s your choice.

Here’s a recent article from the Rocky Mountain News(11th of the month) and a photo gallery from the Denver Post (at this McCain event) about our recent activities. You can see our brand new signs in the Denver Post gallery(Resist the New World Order, and The 10 Steps to Fascism):
Rocky Mountain News
Denver Post
Check ‘em out. Documented evidence that we are taking sustained, agressive action against the New World Order.

McCain would make a FANTASTIC puppet for the New World Order. But then again, so would Obama. Wake up to the Truth about the false left/right paradigm that was designed from way back to divide and conquer! It’s not about right and left, it’s about right and wrong.

Free your minds!

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