Vice President Joe Biden said his grandson asked him recently about an internet meme of him molesting a child at his son’s funeral.

“‘Pop, you have to run pop,” Biden said, claiming that his grandson Hunter asked him about a photo of the Vice President clutching him at his son Beau Biden’s funeral.

“Pop it says: ‘Look at Biden molesting a kid,” Biden recalled about the meme, quoting his grandson.

Biden discussed the story during a fundraising event with reporters present in South Carolina, according to a report of the event.

The photo he was referring to was a cropped photo from the Associated Press of Biden clutching and speaking to Hunter at the 2015 funeral for his son Beau. The meme tries to capitalize on other photos on the Internet of Biden touching children and making them feel uncomfortable.

Biden said he relayed the story to show supporters that both he and his family were aware of how Trump could attack the Biden family during the 2020 election, but he spoke in detail about a conversation he had with his grandson Hunter.

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