Former Vice President Joe Biden told supporters Thursday night Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s historic victory in Britain should send a warning to Democrats in 2020.

“Look what happens when the Labour Party moves so, so far to the left,” Biden said, predicting the headlines out of the parliamentary election results in Britain.

Biden commented on the British poll during a fundraiser in San Francisco.

Biden reminded Democrats that he was the candidate that could unite the party and defeat Trump, who he argued was similar to Johnson.

“You’re also going to see people saying, my god, Boris Johnson, who is kind of a physical and emotional clone of the president is able to win,” Biden said.

Alex Jones breaks down the conservative election victory in the U.K. and what it means for their country and the world.
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Johnson captured the same populist-nationalist forces in the country to rally to his side for the purpose of getting the United Kingdom out of the European Union, earning an over 80 seat majority for the Conservative Party in the elections.

President Trump was delighted by the news.

“Celebrate Boris!” Trump wrote on Twitter, predicting a swift trade deal with the United Kingdom after they left the European Union.

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