Joe Biden is being criticized for his creepy behavior once again after he asked a 10-year-old girl for her address and said, “I’ll bet you’re as bright as you are good-looking.”

The incident occurred when Biden responded to a question from the child during an American Federation of Teachers Town Hall in Houston.

“If you give me (your) address, I’m gonna write you a longer answer and tell you the exact things I would do, OK?” said Biden before adding, “I’ll bet you’re as bright as you are good-looking.”

After learning that her favorite subject was journalism, Biden then led the girl over to reporters, held her by the shoulders and whispered something in her ear.

The Washington Post’s national political reporter Felicia Sonmez thought the encounter was “odd,” tweeting, “Recall that Biden filmed a video last month in which he vowed to respect women’s personal space. Seems he hasn’t quite gotten the message.”

As Zero Hedge notes, “complimenting a 10-year-old prepubescent girl on her good looks” doesn’t quite jive with Biden’s promise to reset the “boundaries” of personal space.

As we document in the video below, this is by no means abnormal behavior for Biden.

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