During an interview between CNN’s Jake Tapper and Jill Biden on Sunday, the wife of the Democratic presidential nominee made sure talk of his infamous gaffes was off-limits.

When Tapper told Jill, “Your husband has been known to make the occasional gaffe,” she quickly shut him down.

“Oh, you can’t even go there,” she declared. “After Donald Trump, you cannot even say the word gaffe.”

“I can’t even say the word gaffe?” Tapper asked.

“Nope,” Biden said, interrupting him to add, “Nope! Done. It’s gone.”

Attempting to clarify, Tapper asked, “The gaffe issue is over?”

“Over. So over,” Jill announced before Tapper completely switched subjects.

Meanwhile, as Jill does Joe’s political fighting for him, the presidential hopeful has “called a lid” on the campaign trail 12 times in the month of September.

Will Sleepy Joe be ready for his premier debate Tuesday night against Donald Trump?

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