During a Tuesday night interview, CNN anchor Chris Cuomo got into a heated debate with two men who are facing jail time for opening their New Jersey gym against state COVID-19 lockdown orders.

Last week, Atilis Gym in Bellmawr, N.J. was raided by county sheriffs and co-founders Frank Trumbetti and Ian Smith were arrested for violating Governor Chris Murphy’s (D) authoritarian shutdown order.

Smith and Trumbetti joined “Cuomo Prime Time” to share their take on the situation and to make a case for small businesses around the country.

After Cuomo said America didn’t do a good enough job protecting the most vulnerable people from coronavirus, which is ironic because his brother literally sent COVID-positive people to nursing homes, Trumbetti had to interrupt.

“53.3% of the deaths come from 0.6% of the population. Bottom line, that’s a fucking stat that nobody is talking about,” he told Cuomo.

Cuomo responded, “Frank, watch your mouth we’re on television,” despite frequently cursing on air.

Likely excusing his anger, Trumbetti told Cuomo, “I lost my mother from this! She got it in the hospital. You’re barking up the wrong tree!”

Next, the CNN host accused the gym owners of becoming politicized and warned they could get treated as “political combatants.”

“I am the least political person you’ve ever met in your life,” Trumbetti replied. “I couldn’t give two craps about politics.”

As the government continues to abuse the civil liberties of Americans, more apolitical people will stand up against totalitarianist mandates.

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