Is Scahill aiming to impress the mainstream media?

Paul Joseph Watson
November 26, 2013

Journalist Jeremy Scahill’s attempt to ingratiate himself with the foundation-funded left-wing establishment betrayed itself in an ugly fashion during an appearance on C-SPAN when Scahill labeled Alex Jones “an absolute diehard insane lunatic.”

“I think that Alex Jones is a lunatic, an absolute diehard insane lunatic, and I think to even mention him in the same sentence as Amy Goodman is an incredible insult to Amy Goodman,” Scahill said during a call-in segment on Book TV.

Accusing Jones of peddling “outrageous and ridiculous conspiracy theories,” Scahill charged that Jones was, “pushing outright lies and propaganda on a regular basis,” that served to subvert “real journalism.”

Scahill even found time to throw in a “tinfoil hat” jibe as he appeared visibly angry.

Is Scahill trying for a job with the mainstream media? The journalist’s ad hominem slurs against Jones sound incredibly familiar – probably because you’ve heard them a million times before being parroted by the likes of MSNBC and CNN, networks on which Scahill is increasingly appearing as a guest.

Scahill is correct in one sense – it’s certainly unfair to compare Alex Jones and Infowars to Amy Goodman and Democracy Now. Unlike Infowars, which is completely funded by its audience, Goodman’s Democracy Now receives millions of dollars from George Soros, the Ford Foundation, and the Carnegie Corporation.

Scahill himself is the National Security Correspondent for The Nation magazine, a leftist news outlet which despite preaching non-partisanship, “is overwhelming aligned with Democrats and accepts advertising revenue from the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee,” according to SourceWatch.

As James Corbett notes, Scahill’s Dirty Wars documentary completely fails to analyze the role of the CIA in the war on terror and gives the agency a free pass.

“As its critics—few and far between as they may be—have been at pains to point out, the documentary fails to explore the meaning or history of the phrase it has taken for its title, Dirty Wars, or examined the people (and the agency) which has had the biggest hand in conducting these operations in the past: the CIA,” writes Corbett.

Douglas Valentine also points out how, “Dirty Wars is a post-modern film by Jeremy Scahill, about himself, starring himself in many poses.”

This theme is noticeable on Scahill’s Twitter feed, which is crammed with photographs of him posing with numerous celebrities, a mainstream acceptance that peaked with an appearance on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno.

Scahill has also recently found himself unpopular with opponents of US military intervention in Syria.

Despite the journalist’s anti-war credo, he was recently part of a collective hissy fit that demanded the removal of 61-year old Syrian nun Mother Agnes-Mariam, a prominent opponent of the agenda to topple Bashar Al-Assad, from a Stop the War conference.

“Why were the liberal hawks and supporters of the Syrian ‘revolution’ so frightened of an elderly nun addressing a Stop the War conference?” asks Neil Clark. “If she really was a ‘crackpot’ – another claim made against her – then surely that would have been obvious to those listening to her?”

Scahill has also called for Bashar Al-Assad to be removed from power and prosecuted by the International Criminal Court.

Scahill appears to be part of a particular breed of self-satisfied journalist who, unable simply to cordially disagree with someone, instead chooses to viciously badmouth their target live on national television.

While Scahill claims this is part of an effort to distance himself from Jones in order to maintain his own credibility, it comes off more as an attempt to ingratiate himself with Hollywood leftists, Democratic Party luminaries, and foundation-funded neo-liberals like Amy Goodman, to whom the firebrand and truly non-partisan Jones (who doesn’t receive millions of dollars from the Ford Foundation and George Soros) is like a cross to a vampire.

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